Palladiana Mosaic

New York Marble Palladiana

The drama of New York marble, with its beautiful whites and lavender bruising. Available in honed a tumbled finishes

Mint Marble Palladiana

A range of differing verdant tones in this striking mosaic. Available in honed, or a more mellow tumbled finish 

Straciatella Palladiana

Three different marbles of Carrara, Bardiglio & Nero Marquina. Available honed only

Rosado Palladiana

One of our favourite marbles. The beautiful warm blush tones paired with the softness of the tumbled finish give an inviting feel. Tumbled finish only

Carrara Palladiana

There is a reason why Carrara marble is one of the worlds most revered marbles. Sophisticated white and cool greys pair up for a timeless aesthetic. Available as honed or tumbled finishes.

Carrara & Bardiglio Palladiana

Veined white and cloudy grey marbles are paired to brilliant subtle effect. Available as honed finish.

Brusciata Palladiana

Literally meaning ‘burned’ this marble has the dusky appearance of charred timber. Available tumbled only

Bardiglio Palladiana

The tumbled finish of this grey marble really tones back the look and gives it a shaded, and totally touchable feel. Available tumbled only.

Tutte le Pietre Palladiana

Local Italian stones make up this wild blend of seven earthy colours. Available honed only

Nero & Terra Palladiana

Black and Earth. Available honed only