Zellige & Bejmat


Centuries old technique for making tiles in Morocco, the subtlety of variation from tile to tile is what gives the wonderfully organic tiles their rustic charm.

Hugely versatile, these tiles come in over 20 colours (not all pictured), and  multiple formats, including this geometric panel, each individual piece hand chiselled by artisans.

Zellige – 100x100mm

Lily White

The whitest of the zellige glazes, subtle colour differences give beautiful texture. Available in 100x100mm tile, 50x50mm mosaic and 145×45 Bejmat fingers

Casa White

Slightly darker and warmer white, has a little more variation. Available in 100x100mm tile.

Blue Moon

Cool sophisticated blue and grey hues give way to a hint of the raw cotto base, juxtaposing cool and warm tones. Available in 100x100mm tiles, and 145×45 Bejmat fingers.


The cool shimmer of a clear ocean. This playful blue would be right at home on th beachfront. Available in 100x100mm tile


The palest of the green variants, a restrained and subtle blend. Available in 100x100mm tile and 145x45mm Bejmat fingers


Dusky pink and beige tones are a real highlight of the zellige range, a real showstopper of a colour. Available in 100x100mm tile and 145x45mm Bejmat





Bejmat – 145x45mm

Blue Moon Bejmat

Sage Bejmat

Lily White Bejmat

Blush Bejmat

Emerald Bejmat

Navy Bejmat

Chocolate Bejmat

Raw Cotto Bejmat