Zellige & Bejmat

Lily White

The whitest of the zellige glazes, subtle colour differences give beautiful texture. Available in 100x100mm tile, 50x50mm mosaic and 145×45 Bejmat fingers

Casa White

Slightly darker and warmer white, has a little more variation. Available in 100x100mm tile.

Blue Moon

Cool sophisticated blue and grey hues give way to a hint of the raw cotto base, juxtaposing cool and warm tones. Available in 100x100mm tiles, and 145×45 Bejmat fingers.


The cool shimmer of a clear ocean. This playful blue would be right at home on th beachfront. Available in 100x100mm tile


The palest of the green variants, a restrained and subtle blend. Available in 100x100mm tile and 145x45mm Bejmat fingers


Dusky pink and beige tones are a real highlight of the zellige range, a real showstopper of a colour. Available in 100x100mm tile and 145x45mm Bejmat