Stone Tiles

Basaltic Bluestone

A classic, durable, and beautiful building material. Basalt (or bluestone) is solidified lava. It’s hallmarks are its vesicularity, or the holes formed by vulcanic gasses bubbling through the magma as its cooling down. Bluestone is commonly used in honed format as flooring and walling in public works, outdoors in sawn finish as a hardy non slip finish, and as cobblestones for footpaths and driveways.

Thunder Cloud Limestone

Deep, dark, and moody. Thunder Cloud has intense movement and variation, and come bring some controlled midnight to the table.

An absolute show stopper for small intimate spaces, and featured walls.

Domani Limestone

Domani is Thunder Cloud’s more tempered sibling, a little less darkness, and a little bit of introduced warmth into the colour mix. Domani is amazing in wide open areas was well as more discrete areas such as bathroom.

Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble is the most famous, ubiqitious and revered marble in the world. Quarried in the Apuan Alps in the Toscana Region of Northern Italy since the Ancient Roman Times. Carrara has beautiful cool grey clouding, banding, and veining over a white base that pairs beautifully with many interior styles.

Calacatta Statuario

Calacatta Statuario is a variant of Carrara that has a far whiter base than the standard Carrara, and makes features of heavy, distinctive wide banding.

Relatively rare, and highly sought after, Calacatta commands a significant price premium, but brings an intensity of vein, and white balance that is unmatched.

Cloud Marble

Cloud Marble is a pale, highly varied marble used in similar circumstances as Carrara, but has more of a taupe colour instead of cool grey.

Dark bands, pale washes, and hints of blush may be present.


Sandstone, whether it be the classic Sydney Sandstone used to build this great city of ours in the 1800s, or any number of international variants with exciting or muted colour palates. Sandstone is suitable for internal tiles, external paving, wall cladding, and dimensional stone work. It is an incredibly versatile material.

New York Marble

New York Marble, which is quaried near the shores of the Aegean Sea, packs an intensity that not many others can match.

Deep inky aubergine veins give way to lilac bruising and a soft creamy white background. New York can come as a subtle white marble punctuated by the occasional streak, or an intense inverted lightning storm.

Elephant Grey Limestone

It is easy to see where the name for this limestone came from. Beautiful mid-grey tones, and crosscut cloudiness give this limestone a beautiful demeanour.